Electrical Safety Audit

The world of electrical safety changes constantly. Today’s best practice can quickly become tomorrow’s bare minimum. This rapid pace of change and increasing regulatory scrutiny leave facility and safety managers at a disadvantage and endanger workers. Only through regular, rigorous, and documented safety audits can deficiencies and potential problems be identified before they become dangerous, and costly, liabilities. This is where Herzig Engineering comes in.

As the industry leader in electrical safety, our team of professional engineers, electricians, and technicians will quickly assess your workers and systems to ensure you are operating in full compliance to OSHA and industry standards. On-site interviews, inspections, and reviews will give you a complete picture of your current operating environment and any opportunities for improvement. Materials generated during the process, including a custom Electrical Safe Work Practices Program, organization-specific auditing checklists, and site and employee reviews, are all yours to keep, empowering you and your company to operate at the highest electrical safety standards.

Invest in your company’s culture of safety today. We’ll show you how.


• Extensive on-site review of electrical safety practices, procedures, and challenges unique to your organization

• Development of custom Electrical Safe Work Practices Program (ESWPP), including integration of existing program and processes

• Comprehensive ESWPP training and on-boarding

• Deployment of Electrical Safety Training Matrix for qualified and un-qualified workers

  • Arc Flash 1
  • Arc Flash 10
  • Arc Flash 11
  • Arc Flash 12
  • Arc Flash 13
  • Arc Flash 14
  • Arc Flash 15
  • Arc Flash 2
  • Arc Flash 3
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