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Annual Arc Flash Maintenance

Customized Arc Flash Services Tailored for You

Your Arc Flash Analysis is completed, but how do you keep it up-to-date?

Most facilities that have completed an arc flash analysis are constantly changing. As your distribution system changes, the results of arc flash analysis will change as well. How do you keep your labels up to date, and your people in the right PPE two, three, or even four years after they study has been completed?

Herzig Engineering offers an arc flash maintenance agreement to fit this need. This includes consistent updating of your electrical systems by our engineers. We keep your costs low by coordinating with site personnel, contractors, and with an annual site visit to assess system alterations.

Add an additional layer of security by partnering with Herzig Engineering to proactively manage your entire electrical safety program with our annual maintenance program.

Key Features Include:

  • Annual Site Visit to Capture Changes
  • Utility Service Update Analysis
  • Arc Flash Study Updates
  • Updated One-Line Diagrams
  • Arc Flash Labels for Changes/Additions
  • Written Electrical Safety Program
  • Annual Electrical Safety Webinar
  • Quarterly Engineering Support Emails

Don’t let safety happen by accident.

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