Arc Flash Analysis and Electrical Compliance Engineers

Herzig Engineering pioneered the arc flash safety regulations. Today they are the leader in electrical safety engineering and arc flash analysis.

Our process is customizable for any client or industry. From collecting the electrical prints to marking all switchboards with accurate warning labels to training your staff on the new electrical safety program - Herzig Engineering is the world's leading electrical safety firm.

Data Collection

• Gathering of one-line diagrams and electrical prints
• Collection of conductor sizes and lengths
• Collection of distribution equipment types and ratings
• Collection of overcurrent protection device information
• The collection of transformer ratings and impedances
• Correspondence with the electrical utility to review energy levels

Engineering Analysis

• Collating and analyzing the data collection
• Building of electrical distribution networks
• Cross review of information to electrical systems
• Generation of fault analysis information
• Generation of arc flash information
• Creation of one-line diagrams

Warning Labels

Arc Flash Labels • Using engineering analysis information to develop labels per ANSI Z535.4 specifications
• Creation of labels on materials unique to your facility’s needs
• Thermal generated Polyester labels
• Laser generated Polyester labels
• Plaque-type engraved labels
• Creation of Billfold PPE Cards if desired
• Deliver labels to your facility for application

Engineering Studies: Selective Coordination Studies

Are you having nuisance trips in your facility? Is a main breaker tripping when a downstream device overloads a branch circuit? You could have breaker coordination issues. We can help with a comprehensive selective coordination study. Contact us below for more information.

Engineering Studies: Arc Flash Mitigation

Simple changes such as swapping fuses or altering setting on existing circuit breakers can limit arc flash potential. A comprehensive system study can identify the points in your system that may be mitigated with simple overcurrent protective device alterations. Contact us for more information about mitigating the arc flash hazard.

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  • Arc Flash 15
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